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From data converters to sensing, beginner to advanced – look to the Analog Design Journal for answers to your analog design questions. Some of the industry’s most knowledgeable engineers share exclusive, carefully curated articles geared toward engineers across all industries and levels of experience.

Analog Design Journal Issue 1, 2024

The newest Analog Design Journal is out now. Check out the latest insight from our technical experts on analog circuit design techniques and emerging applications.

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Analog Design Journal Issue 2, 2023

This issue features topics on designing with ADCs along with optimizing battery life in your application.

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Analog Design Journal Issue 1, 2023

This issue features topics from the impacts of ADC noise to comparing dual-supply discrete and integrated instrumentation amplifies.

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Latest Analog Design Journal articles

Fixed-frequency DCS-Control: Fast transient response with clock synchronization

Authored by Chris Glaser. This article provides an overview of the fixed-frequency DCS-Control topology, discussing its excellent transient response, constant and synchronize-able switching frequency, lower-ripple power-save mode, and stackability for higher currents.

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A novel charge-mode control algorithm for PFC

Authored by Bosheng Sun. This article introduces a new control concept for power factor correction (PFC): instead of controlling the inductor current (input current) directly, the electric charge delivered to PFC output in each switching cycle is controlled.

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Redundant supply topologies for automotive using ideal diode controllers

Authored by Abhijeet Godbole and Praveen GD. This article discusses the concept and benefits of ORing and Power Muxing using ideal diode controllers, the different types and architectures of circuits, and the challenges and solutions for implementing these techniques using ideal diode controllers in automotive systems.

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Low-EMI designs for isolated ADC signal-chain solutions

Authored by Ralph Oberhuber. This article explains the sources of EMI – specifically radiated emissions – and presents  techniques to minimize EMI for an analog signal chain, including detailed layout examples and measurement results.

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Solving AC dropout recovery in a high-density, GaN-optimized PFC converter

Authored by Brent McDonald. To address the need for cost effective solutions to improve power factor correction (PFC) light load and peak efficiency while shrinking passive components, this article discusses a unique GaN-based, high-density design using two-phase, integrated triangular current mode PFC.

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