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Automate your sourcing and purchasing with TI API suites

What are APIs?

Application programming interfaces (APIs) allow you to integrate directly with Texas Instruments, giving you immediate data and information when you need it.

Save time and effort

Instantly receive inventory insight and pricing updates for any product.

Flexible configuration

Get the product data you need auto-populated into your system when and how you need it.

Ease of doing business

Automatic notifications for inventory replenishment and delivery updates.

TI's suite of APIs

TI API suite offerings

TI store API suite

Place and manage orders, track shipments and get real-time inventory and pricing data.

TI product information API suite

Make informed decisions and access publicly available product details, including parametric, quality and reliability data.

Backlog API suite

Seamlessly manage your backlog orders for future fulfillment. Must be an approved and current backlog customer to access. 

Use cases

Automate orders to prevent supply shortages

Company A is preparing to launch a highly anticipated new product that incorporates a device from TI. To help ensure a seamless supply of this device, Company A has integrated with the TI store API suite.

Leveraging the ordering API, Company A has established a trigger that continuously monitors their ERP system. If inventory levels drop below 1,000 units, an order is automatically placed to replenish stock and maintain the desired level. This proactive approach eliminates the need for rush orders and constant manual inventory checks, minimizing the risk of supply disruptions.


  • Automate a recurring task
  • Immediately replenish supply
  • Decrease the risk of user error

Streamline inventory monitoring

Company B is seeking to procure multiple TI devices for their upcoming project. However, manually checking inventory levels on TI.com every day proved inefficient and time-consuming.

To overcome this challenge, Company B has integrated with the TI store API suite, leveraging the inventory and pricing API to monitor inventory levels for multiple TI devices simultaneously. Through API calls, Company B can access real-time inventory updates and pricing information for the specified devices. This eliminates the need for manual checks, saving valuable time and resources.


  • Real-time inventory updates at a glance
  • Expedited procurement process
  • Efficient bulk data retrieval

Leverage push notifications for timely inventory replenishment

Company C faces a critical need for a specific TI device to produce a key product. However, the current inventory level stands at 250 units, falling short of the required 500 units. Manually monitoring inventory levels to ensure timely replenishment proves impractical.

To address this challenge, Company C has integrated with TI store API suite, using the inventory subscription push API to receive notifications when the desired inventory level is reached. By subscribing to push notifications for the specific TI device, Company C can be alerted when the stock reaches the target quantity of 500 units. 


  • Timely notification of inventory replenishment
  • Streamlined procurement process
  • Minimized risk of sourcing delays

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