Automotive PPAP

Automotive PPAP

The Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) is a standardized documentation activity in the automotive industry that helps both automotive manufacturers and suppliers communicate and approve production designs in a way that ensures the consistency of quality processes.

Texas Instruments (TI) provides automotive industry-standard PPAP documentation for all active products released to market on TI indicates products eligible for PPAP delivery on the data sheet as “qualified for automotive applications” or Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) “AEC-Q100 qualified.” TI generates PPAP documentation according to the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) “Production Part Approval Process [PPAP] Manual,” 4th edition.

If you need documentation in support of TI products used in your automotive application, you can submit and manage PPAP requests through myTI’s online PPAP portal.

The PPAP is a valuable tool for establishing confidence in TI products and associated production processes. Depending on the level of PPAP documentation requested, a TI PPAP document may consist of as many as 18 elements. Although there are five AIAG-defined classifications of PPAP submissions, the TI online PPAP request tool currently supports these levels:

Level 1 – Part Submission Warrant (PSW) only 

Level 2 – PSW with limited supporting data 

Level 3 – PSW with complete supporting data. An executed MIC-NDA is needed in order to support this request.

PCN PPAP – PSW with supporting data for PCN issued by TI

A PPAP package includes documentation of various cross-functional tools that describe TI’s ability to meet customer requirements, with the information you need to validate whether the TI product will meet your specifications.

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