myTI company accounts

myTI company accounts

Seamlessly collaborate with your team to do business with TI faster and easier than ever

What are company accounts?

A company account offers a connected, seamless purchasing experience for your procurement colleagues at the same company.

Connect your team to TI

With a myTI company account, companies and teams can collaborate through one shared account, as well as:

  • Add users, manage permissions and improve account control
  • Save time by delegating purchases and creating reusable checkout profiles
  • Keep track of all orders in one consolidated order history
  • Separate your personal and company shopping through account selection
  • Gain access to request API keys

Onboarding with TI APIs starts here

Complete purchase to pay ordering without logging into By using your own in-house developer, integrate information into your system to get the product information when you need it - making buying easier than ever. Follow the steps below to get started!

Step #1:

Create a myTI company account

Duration 1:09 min

Step #2:

Create a checkout profile

Duration 3:34 min

Step #3:

Request an API access key

Duration 1:32 min