Wi-Fi® 6

Affordability meets reliability with optimized features for network efficiency and power saving.

TI Wi-Fi 6

Our CC33xx Linux and RTOS companion ICs offer the latest standards from Wi-Fi and BLE, providing robust RF performance with stable connections tested across more than 220 access points while operating at temperatures ranging -40°C to +105°C

Simplifying IoT with TI Wi-Fi 6

Introducing the CC33xx family of Wi-Fi devices, designed with affordability and reliability in mind to help you connect more IoT applications.  

Wi-Fi 6 capabilities

While Wi-Fi 6 is known for its high-throughput capabilities, there are several features that also bring benefits to IoT applications in the areas of new spectrum, advanced security, power reduction and latency management

Featured products for Wi-Fi 6®
NEW CC3300 ACTIVE SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi 6 companion IC
NEW CC3301 ACTIVE SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth® Low Energy companion IC

Why choose TI Wi-Fi 6


Optimized feature support for IoT

Our devices are built to be affordable and efficient with support for 20-MHz channel and Wi-Fi 6 features to enable network efficiency and power optimization.


Flexible device architecture

Our products can easily attach to Linux and RTOS systems with processors or MCUs.


Designed with the future in mind

Our products our built to address the evolving needs of the AIOT and industrial IOT with multi-band support and the latest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy standards.


Advanced security features

Our Wi-Fi products support the latest WPA3 personal and enterprise standards in addition to on-chip security enablers for secure boot and anti-rollback protection.