Future proof your designs with a broad portfolio of multiprotocol (multistandard) & multi-band wireless MCUs

Concurrent multiprotocol operation

Our multi-protocol wireless MCUs provide Bluetooth® Low Energy for your long-range sub-1 GHz network, Zigbee® for your Bluetooth® Low Energy design or any other wireless protocol combination. Choose from a portfolio of devices from the SimpleLink™ wireless MCU platform that offer concurrent multiprotocol operation, coexistence and provisioning options enabling the creation of complex IoT systems using one or more chips.

Multiprotocol portfolio by memory & protocol

Our multiprotocol solutions for you

Concurrent multiprotocol (single-chip)

We provide a software layer called the Dynamic Multi-protocol Manager (DMM), which enables a single radio to run multiple wireless protocols concurrently on an MCU by switching between protocol stacks in real time.  This allows the developer to determine a custom protocol priority for every possible state of their system, managing protocol stacks and minimizing latency. Our solution is highly customizable and enables the developer to set priorities according to any state of their system. 

Swapped multiprotocol/provisioning 

Swapped multi-protocol / provisioning is the process of a device exchanging information ((network name (SSID), password, and security type) with an existing wireless network in order to join it. Bluetooth Low Energy provisioning utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy for the information exchange, but enables a device to join a network for a different wireless standard (Wi-Fi, Wi-SUN, Thread, etc.).  This gives users the ability to provision new devices directly from their smart phone, providing them a user-friendly and consistent experience. 

Coexistence: two-chip multiprotocol

Designers looking to implement Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity in their application can utilize the CC3x35 wireless devices combined with a Bluetooth Low Energy MCU. Using time division multiplexing, two devices are able to share a single antenna without wireless interference, enabling Bluetooth Low Energy (or any 2.4GHz protocol) and Wi-Fi provisioning capabilities, updates to the cloud, and more.

Technical resources

Application brief
Application brief
Dynamic Multi-protocol Manager (DMM) Tech Note (Rev. A)
The DMM is a software module that enables a single radio to operate multiple wireless protocols concurrently by switching between them in real time.
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How to run two wireless protocols on one device
Learn about how to leverage multiple wireless technologies with a single device with TI’s Dynamic Multiprotocol Manager (DMM) software module.
White paper
White paper
Dynamic Multi-Protocol (DMM) Performance
The following document cover the key questions specific to the TI DMM implementation that has been extensively tested and verified across various network configurations.
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