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Driving vehicle electrification forward.

As the world drives toward vehicle electrification, semiconductors enable automakers to optimize performance, accelerate development and make electric vehicles (EVs) more affordable for more people. Advancements in EV and powertrain design are driven by the need to reduce emissions, decrease weight and boost efficiency to help keep drivers on the road longer. We are dedicated to providing the right analog and embedded processing products and in-depth support you need to design next-generation electrified cars.

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Advance the adoption of electric vehicles worldwide using our continuous innovation and system expertise in battery management system (BMS) solutions

Design smaller, more efficient and safety-compliant DC/DC converter systems

Maximize driving range with the industry's leading performance and most reliable solution for inverter and motor control systems

Decrease charging time and improve safety by designing smaller, more efficient and reliable on-board chargers

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HEV/EV inverter & motor control Heating & cooling HEV/EV DC/DC converter HEV/EV on-board charger (OBC) & wireless charger HEV/EV battery-management system (BMS) EV charging infrastructure

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Why choose TI for your HEV/EV powertrain systems?


Extend drive range

Maximize drive range between charges with accurate measurement of state of charge of the battery and create new powertrain architectures to reduce weight and size of the vehicle.


Enhance safety

Improve system reliability with robust, high-performance devices able to withstand high-voltage transient and hot-plug events, while upholding electromagnetic compatibility 


Enable faster charging

Achieve faster charging on and off the grid with high-performance topologies to address higher DC voltage needs in a smaller form factor and better system-level efficiency through improved EMI.


Make EVs more affordable

Drive design-to-cost optimization with flexibility to scale across platforms with portfolios of pin-to-pin compatible devices to support different cell chemistries and vehicle architectures.

Related technologies

Streamline your functional safety system certification

Meet the rigorous requirements of functional safety standards, such as ISO 26262, with our analog and embedded processing products. In addition to our functional safety-certified engineers, available documentation and resources such as functional safety Failures In Time (FIT) rate, Failure modes, effects, and diagnostic analysis (FMEDA), safety certificates and software diagnostics libraries help you streamline the certification process.

White paper
Understanding Functional Safety FIT Base Failure Rate Estimates per IEC 623801
Systematic and random hardware failures need to be addressed to achieve functional safety compliance. Learn about two techniques for estimating the base failure rate (BFR) required to calculate quantitative random hardware.
Functional safety information
Streamlining Functional Safety Certification in Automotive and Industrial
Whether you are designing for the factory floor or the highway, this white paper explains how we approach designing integrated circuits (ICs) and provides the resources needed to streamline your functional safety design.

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Automakers are continuing to make progress in reducing CO2 emissions, and at TI, we are helping to reduce vehicle emissions through greater vehicle electrification. Together, we engineer a more sustainable world of transportation.
– Mark Ng | Texas Instruments HEV/EV Powertrain Sector General Manager
04 Jan 2023 | COMPANY BLOG

Semiconductor technology is powering electric vehicles through the innovation curve, eliminating barriers to EV adoption and enabling automakers to design affordable cars that consumers love.

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Technical resources

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White paper
Taking charge of electric vehicles – both in the vehicle and on the grid (Rev. A)
Read this white paper to learn about taking charge of electric vehicles, both in the vehicle and on the grid.
document-pdfAcrobat PDF
TI touts solid-state relays to enable safer EVs
All About Circuits article discusses how new two solid-state relays chips are designed to replace traditional automotive mechanical relays to improve isolation technology. 
Making electronics more affordable through semiconductors
Learn how we are enabling EV systems that are more efficient, reliable and affordable in John Shegerian's latest podcast with Pradeep Shenoy.