Grid infrastructure

Design a smarter, more efficient grid and renewable energy system with our analog and embedded processing products and technical resources

Our technology, system expertise and reference designs help engineers improve grid resiliency and energy efficiency for next generation grid infrastructure. Whether it is implementing connected battery-powered smart meters or managing distributed energy resources, bidirectional EV charging or real-time data, our products enable efficient power delivery and a smarter grid that meets global compliance standards and support future load patterns for long-term reliability.

Featured applications

Design reliable and efficient energy storage systems with our battery management, sensing and power conversion technologies

Build fast, efficient EV charging solutions with leading high-voltage power, current and voltage sensing and connectivity products and designs

Power the future with smart, reliable solar energy systems using industry-leading power, real-time control, sensing and communications solutions

Why choose TI for grid infrastructure applications?


Design reliable grid systems

Grid applications require reliable operation, even when exposed to harsh environments. Our analog and embedded processing components are qualified to 125 C and higher.


Make renewable energy affordable

Our high power-density and high-efficiency semiconductors enable high-performance, reliable renewable energy systems without added cost.


Accelerate design time

Whatever you need for your energy system, we have a full portfolio of products, reference designs, design tools and software, and third-party partners to get your design to market.

Engineering the next generation of energy

Developing a larger share of renewable energy like solar is crucial to increase grid reliability and provide power to consumers at a low cost. We help solve the biggest energy challenges and address demands on power resources through efficient power conversion, precise current and voltage sensing, intelligent communication and reliable battery management. 

By making AC-to-DC inverters/rectifiers and DC-DC inverters smaller, more efficient and easier to implement with technology like GaN, we help you make it possible for more homes, buildings and cities to be powered by solar and storage excess energy in energy storage systems.

Enable V2G and V2H with bidirectional charging

As new charging and battery-storage solutions emerge, the concept of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) and vehicle-to-home (V2H) bidirectional charging, where EVs provide battery power to reinforce electricity needs, is becoming more mainstream. Our wide-bandgap power, sensing and connectivity technologies enable you to make V2G and V2H energy storage a reality, contributing to more sustainable, efficient and affordable energy management.

The introduction of smart electricity meters was one initial step to make the grid smarter. EV chargers, solar inverters and energy storage systems can also benefit from becoming more integrated into the network, providing powerful insights for convenience, energy savings and grid stability.

With this higher degree of electrification and local generation and storage, high voltage DC and AC in homes will require sensors to keep equipment and people safe. We offer sensing technology for voltage and current sensing as well as temperature and humidity to help enable fast and reliable detection for your designs.

The next step in smart grid systems is a completely modernized grid with real-time intelligence. With connected applications and fast computing capabilities, decisions on load balancing, demand response and value-added services can make the grid more intelligent, efficient and reliable.

Our embedded processing products are designed for edge computing with real-time capabilities and low-power operation. Additionally, a toolbox of security enablers, products and documentation help address emerging security threats.

Reference designs related to Grid infrastructure

Use our reference design selection tool to find designs that best match your application and parameters.

18 Apr 2023 | COMPANY BLOG

Analog and embedded processing products are enabling electrification through smarter, reliable and more accessible solar, energy storage and electric-vehicle charging systems.

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Technical resources

White paper
White paper
Four key design considerations when adding energy storage to solar power grids
Discover why bidirectional power conversion, higher voltage batteries, current and voltage sensing and a sleek storage system design are top considerations, when adding energy storage to solar power grids.
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White paper
White paper
Taking charge of electric vehicles – both in the vehicle and on the grid (Rev. A)
As more EVs and HEVs hit the road around the world, automotive system developers will need to improve efficiency and lower battery charging times in these vehicles, read more about how this can be achieved.
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11-kW, bidirectional, three-phase ANPC based on GaN reference design
Start evaluating our reference design that provides a design template for implementing a three-level, three-phase, gallium nitride (GaN) based ANPC inverter power stage